Kite ( Patang ) – Animation Short Film

“I am feeling immense pleasure one of my dear friend Sagar Funde has produced this wonderful masterpiece.”
Aacharya Abhishek
Managing Director
EIZVIZ Production

Directed by Sagar Funde ( Also responsible for Story, Previs, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting , Rendering, Compositing, Editing ) Music by Stephen T Simms ( Kite Original Theme ) Additional Music by Gregoire Lourme ( Jamendo Licensing ) It gives me immense pleasure to finally present my short film KITE to everyone. It has been 3 years i was working on this film all by myself and another one year for film festival run across the globe winning several awards and Nominations. The film is based on one of my childhood memory of kite flying. This 13 min film tells a story of friendship and bringing home a lost friend from a kid’s perspective set in an animated style, colorful and vibrant Indian neighborhood. Bringing the childhood memories and the neighborhood I grew up into life in an animated style and then sharing it with people who had the same experiences, is the biggest inspiration for the film…I was recalling the childhood memories of kite flying, the kite battles with friends, chasing kites on the street, visiting kite shops, even sometimes crafting my own kite and thread and so on. The visual became so strong in my mind that I couldn’t stop myself from making this film.